• Tower

    This De Stijl suggested structure was a design/build for a radically slender site.  The program called for 6000 square-feet of space.  Ms. Callas’ solution was subterranean footage of 2000 feet that included: garage; gym; pantry/wine cellar; ample work and storage space, plus front and rear mechanical rooms.  Deep friction piles and shoring enabled the construction.  The board-formed concrete foundation walls were sealed in state-of-the-art waterproofing.  The slender tower is fenestrated in a ground-breaking residential application for a Schuco AOS.  Its front face is woven zinc cladding.  Within rise four levels where ascends an open staircase of reclaimed oak framed by 40’ high continuous steel rails and an essential elevator.  The architecture is open and minimal. Deceptively simple cabinetry reflects a complex of inventiveness in its form and fabrication.  The ground level’s open plan is floored in radiant-heated terrazzo.  Baths and the patio share this aesthetically unifying luxury.  The kitchen highlights the sumptuousness of stainless.  The pool’s exterior wall is fashioned in large slabs of black marble.  Light, soft stone, dark marble, sculptured glass and, ancient wood unfold as surprising geometries which produce plasticity within a fixed place – a defining dynamic of modernism.