• Late Night Host

    The former pad of Tonight Show Producer, Freddie de Cordova was a ground-up renovation and remodel meant to make current the idiom of modernism without excessive gesture so as to strip away completely the original form and finish simply for the sake of a new signature.  Overall lightness was created by use of an off-white gray-flecked terrazzo that traverses the length of the lower hall to widened steps that descend to an opened living room.  The kitchen was unfolded to act as one space with all the appliances updated.  Cabinetry was refinished and extensively reworked to add to the illusion of an unbroken timeline between old and new.  The geometry of the house within and without has been detailed in soft Douglas Fir.  A motif of terrazzo grounds the master bath’s Corian vanities and sinks with suspended and self illuminated mirroring.  The pool, once the center of frolicking and  “late-night” antics, was resurfaced, landscaped, and repurposed for family functions and Sunday afternoon serenity.