• HardRock Wedding Chapel

    Las Vegas, a bacchanalian mushroom, lights the desert a 24/7 radiant Sodom. The search for serenity within its garish gates - a place for a semblance of sanctity - was the daunting task for the design of this diminutive chapel cloistered in a church whose metaphoric cross is a colossal guitar.  Callas, informed by the hotel’s simple architecture, configured a nave which rises as a thirty-foot box through the existing roofline where it is capped in clerestory.  The transparent termination spills natural light upon white plaster partitions which provide privacy for the procession where couples discover one another at the altar. Pews of Shaker simplicity magnify the meditative and diminish the cacophonous.  The Strip’s Night is filtered through theatrical lighting meant to focus spiritual union and dull the invasive neon buzz.